Friday, October 19, 2012

State of Redux, Part 3

Redux is over a month old. It's been an interesting experience so far.

As noted in the previous update, the highlight has been the amazing maturity and cameraderie of the community. Old friends and enemies from OSI as well as newer people from Legacy 25 and beyond.

An increasing feature over the past few weeks has been the gradual realisation that RunUO isn'tvery accurate to OSI. The more people play, the more they test, the more errors they discover. This isn't a criticism of RunUO or it's designers - it's still a magnificient emulator, just a note on our realisation that this is a much bigger job than we ever realised before release!

Because of this, Oz's already very limited coding time has been stretched to the limit. Just keeping on top of the new bugs emerging has been a full time job. Please give us time to get everything right. We realise there are a lot of things that need fixing, and a lot of features people would like added to the shard. The problem is, we all have full time jobs aside from Redux. I spend at least 2 hours a day dealing with player issues via IRC and the forums. Oz spends at least 2 hours a day in the code. The same goes for KLOR in game working as a GM, and Benn and Night dealing with the server. We realise it can be frustrating if you don't get a reply, or things don't always move as quickly as you like.

We've also suffered under another wave of DDOS attacks. It's been a bit of a shocking wake up call to us - none of us ever really considered the possibility of someone being so malicious or prepared to spend so much time doing something like that over a game. We've ended up almost doubling our server costs to try and make ourselves less vulnerable. Unfortunately there is no guaranteed defence against this - not one within the budgetary constraints of a bunch of guys running a UO shard, anyway! We're just going to have to hope that our new hardware can do the job until our 'friend' gets bored.

Negatives aside, the shard is absolutely thriving. There is constant PvP action. Old guilds have reformed, new guilds have emerged. The economy appears to be stable. It's absolutely fascinating to watch.

Once (hopefully) the initial wave of bugs are fixed, we can begin looking at adding actual content soon. In the longer term we want to get an improved factions/player town system in place, as our major goal.