Friday, May 6, 2016

New Guild forms on Rel Por: Black Gate [BG]
Name: The name is from Ultima lore - info on that here:
Aims: Build a new guild to fill the current gap on this shard. There's a real dearth of guilds offering a home to players, both new and experienced. It also means lack of competition and boredom for the few guilds that are here. I'd like to change that. Beyond that our aim is end-game content. Meaning PvP and dungeon bosses. We will seek to control one of the open dungeons at a time. Control will mean we farm it, and others farm it at our discretion. This will mean we'll probably end up with red chars, although we won't specifically be PKing outside of controlling our dungeon/territory. 
Entry requirements: Just one - a good attitude. Be willing to learn if you're a less experienced player, and be patient if you're a more experienced player - and be prepared to put your ego aside, we're going to lose a lot until we form a solid team. 
If you're interested in joining us, get in touch with clx or Turtle in Discord, or msg me (Dreadnought) on the Rel Por forums.