Monday, April 9, 2018

The beautiful UO Outlands map

I've been following the development of UO Outlands ( for over a year now. I strongly believe this project is the last great hope for UO. There's so much I love about this server, but my favourite thing, and what initially captured my attention, is the stunning map that Owen, one half of the development team, has crafted. Truly a work of art to be admired.

The server is currently in beta, with launch expected imminently.

Here's a few highlights (most of the world has yet to be spawned with mobs);

The lawless town of Corpse Creek

The Chaos Shrine

An old (Orcish?) fort in the wilderness

The great Prevalian quarry

A necromancer's lair?

One of the three Orc forts

The northern town of Andaria

The southern town of Cambria. Trinsic vibes. 

A Ratman lair?

The Lyceum - once the greatest seat of learning in the land, now ruins

Razed village

The town known as Outpost

Aegis Keep


Darkmire Temple

Mount Petram

Nusero (New Serosan, for those who may remember it from Rel Por)

Ossuary - this is my favourite dungeon - just look at it!

Does this room remind anyone of anywhere?!

Pulma (from Rel Por)


The New Player Dungeon

I hope to post more as more of the map is revealed.