Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Big Boy Bompy's Bad Night

You know you've made it when...

The server's biggest shitheads turn their ire upon you...

A night in Outlands, 25 November

We were fighting solidly for 2 hours, onwards from the 0100 GMT CCC. At one point fighting out around CC town were;

  • 7 PWR
  • 7? SOF
  • 5? c2w
  • 6 PEC
  • 5 Anarchy
It went on for so long that I can't even tell a story about it - I've forgotten what even happened at the start. 

At the previous CCC, Alex Chapo and I had some fun setup 3v3s vs SOF

Friday, November 22, 2019

PvP Event Stats as of 22/11/2019

The new PvP system released on Outlands on the 7th of September, so I thought it'd be interesting to see the standings 10 weeks in - especially with Anarchy having mostly been out of the game for 5 weeks, with just a few of us playing intermittently. At 5 weeks in we were so far ahead...

I've ordered the events in terms of importance as far as I'm concerned - CCC > Sieges > Flashpoints - and I'm very pointedly not including struggles which I'd rather were just removed from the game.

CCC, individual:

Kills (Yes I put this one at the top because I have the most on one char, although Veton and Bile have more than me if you add up all of our characters)


CCC, guilds:

Sieges, players (sorted by kills):

Sieges, guilds:

Flashpoints, players:

Flashpoints, guilds:

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Some Outlands action 21/11/19

A few screenshots from today..

A 2v2 with Pax vs Funeral and Ermey. We lost the next one, the killing blow going to me as I explo'd myself in a panic. SHIT PLAYER.

We then ended up in a temporary alliance with SOF after PWR arrived in force (after Pax got unbanned on SOF's discord....)

Then onto a Flashpoint in Petram, vs SOF this time. 5v5 with my oldest UO friend Nixon making an appearance.

Then a fairly one sided CCC vs an outnumbered SOF, I won't bore anyone with pictures of us killing poor Always Strapped over and over in a 5v3 - That was followed by a really fun Siege, Pax and I vs 6 SOF, where we got a ton of kills - Pax really showing he's the best all-round player on the server. 

Some recent pictures - November 2019

Just a few recent pictures - some of these fights we've won, some we've lost.

Getting a nice sync in vs 1CE in a 2v4 - this was our sole kill in between quite a few deaths for me.

This one was quite funny - Brom, Alex and I found Funeral, who is a good guy and a good player, randomly sitting on and island in CCC - he clearly wasn't expecting us.

One from a nice CCC fight. Alex, Yu and I with a random Russian in our party vs 5 SOF/1CE. I was happy with this one, an outnumbered win with a random team vs a group including the main callers from both 1CE and SOF

Before Chill got himself banned for trying to blackmail the server admins (seriously) he was putting together a wonderfully incompetent PvP team. He'll be missed! Here he is loading an explo whilst his teammate dies in a 2v4:

...and dying himself in another 2v4 at a Siege

...and being the final victim in a 2v3 at a flashpoint...

His team weren't faring much better without him, either:

I don't really do 1v1 dueling (around 500 logged since server launch 13 months ago), but this guy has been talking a ton of shit to me in discord. It took two weeks of asking but I finally got a duel out of him:

RAQ are back and out in force in Euro hours, and are always a fun fight:

...some more recent CCC action vs 1CE/SOF, Alex and I joined for this one by CannaMan of PwN

...and one not so recent to finish, myself, Rio, Alex and Bile set up a gambling intervention for Chapo at CCC in May or June: