Monday, December 9, 2019

c2w dominate the scene

The cringe worthy discord comments scene, anyway...

I like these. Rekt is c2w's current allies. I wonder if they know the esteem that Grey - c2w's GM - holds them in? Every other guild Grey has associated himself with has come to regret it so I'm sure rekt have that pleasure waiting for them too, if they aren't already at that point.

...but then this shouldn't come as a surprise, he's prone to changing his mind:

Grey is really successful though, and he wants Ultima Online discord channels to know it:

He's a really nice guy too with a balanced viewpoint and respect for his fellow man:

In game, I hear they dominate the faction struggle scene. Them and [Path]. Elsewhere? Not so much:

That's the PvP event stats. The PvP event stats began logging on September 7th - over three months ago. c2w's combined statistics?

Wins: 33
Losses: 65
Kills: 189
Deaths: 219

It's all pathetic, but when you see the shit that Syrupz and Grey talk in discord, the really laughable stat is the simple number of events they have attended, 98 in total. in 3 months. Flashpoints, Sieges and CCC happen 4 times each per day. SCENE: DOMINATED

For comparison, here are the stats of some real PvP guilds


Wins: 80
Losses: 150
Kills: 710
Deaths: 302


Wins: 478
Losses: 187
Kills: 1,246
Deaths: 501

Need I say more? I'll let the rest of these images and videos tell the story. 

I just want to say I've spoken to Hatuey (whose videos are below) about this and he has been a good sport about it, and none of my shit talk towards Grey or Syrupz is aimed at him, or anyone else in c2w for that matter. Maybe I'm making the same mistake as Grey did - turning a personal beef into a guild v guild thing.

I love this one - when you're losing, conspiracy theory about all your enemies making a secret alliance against you:

This one is a cracker too, top organised PvP guild on display. Note total lack of calls from Grey as you hear them dying:

The 5 stages of CCC with Grey as your caller:

Of course Grey offscreening isn't anything new:

...and he's not been having fun vs Anarchy for a good 6 months now, it isn't really a shock he's reverted to picking on 'poor people' in discord:

He didn't have a great time in the last 2v2 tournament vs Z and Pax either:

He is really good at Chess though - if anyone wasn't aware:

Good old Grey hey? We love him. Philosopher, Chess Champion, Cunt.

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