Sunday, December 1, 2019

Some pictures from the last few days

[PEC] are back! One of my favourite guilds on Outlands, and one of the strongest PvP groups around:

Getting chased by a horde at a Siege:

Getting chased by a horde at CCC:

Chapo and I did 20 2v2's with Zakk and je te veux, although my screens are mostly of wins, we lost 13 to 7. 
The best part of these fights was a group of 6 dexxers arriving - all unguilded, all carrying the most basic of equip. We left them alone, but when they attacked Zakk, we decided to terminate them. A new group just starting up maybe? Either way it was hilarious:

Alex and I did some 2v2s with PEC as well, winning some... 
 and losing some...

3v3 with PEC: 

CPH are another fun guild - here Alex and I found them farming Omni runes:

Dirt goes down in the middle of his army at a Siege:

I've no idea who these guys are, and they weren't very good, but came back time and time again for 2v2's with Alex and I:

Pax and I tried to fight SOF 2v5 at a CCC, it wasn't our finest hour:

Syn came to a Siege - nice guys, good attitude and definitely improving:

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